Ad Server Platform

Vidban is a high-performance Ad Server versatile platform for ad distribution and efficiency. It’s designed to meet the dynamic needs of both Publishers and Advertisers.

Display Ads Service

Create ads that appear among your content.

Native Ads Service

Create ads that integrate with content with JSON responses.

VAST Video Ads Service

You can create video ads with the
Vast tag.

Customer Reviews

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Digital Marketing Manager
“Vidban is the best site I have come across in the Ad server industry.”
They are very helpful both before and after-sales. I loved their attitude towards their customers. Many Thanks!


E-Commerce Manager
“Working with Vidban was the best decision we made.”
They are a professional and skilled team. I would recommend it to everyone.


“Our advertising costs have dropped significantly!”
While our advertising expenditures decreased significantly during our work with Vidban, our advertising performance increased.

Vidban Adserver Features

With ad serving, you can find everything you need in your ads on Vidban.


Ad server engines that take into account your goals, priorities, budget and delivery determine which ad will be served.


VASTify delivers the same creative and algorithmic ads by automatically serving better-performing ads.

Status Tracking

You can obtain detailed information about audience interactions regarding ads by recording all interactions, clicks, and visibility measurements.

Suitable for Publishers and Advertisers

Vidban Ad Server Software is here for both publishers to maximize their revenue and advertisers to optimize their spend.

Bot Filtering

Increase the accuracy of reports by filtering out incidents from automated bots so your click-through rates can be improved.

White Label Advertising Presentation

To bypass ad blockers, create your own white label and serve ads from your own subdomain.


  By using the targeting feature to specific countries, regions or cities, you can optimize ad spend and prevent wasting budget.

Fast Delivery

Spread interactions throughout the day using an algorithm that prevents all interactions from being served early in the day.


Prepare campaigns in advance and use the scheduling feature to automatically go live on a specific date.

Set Days

Get better efficiency by determining which hours and days the campaign will run.

Budget management

Set a daily budget and use the feature to automatically pause campaigns when that budget is exhausted.

Conversion Tracking

Generate conversion reports and optimize the campaign manually or automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
What’s ad server?

An ad server is a technology that manages online advertisements and serves them to users. It is responsible for storing, organizing and delivering various types of ads to websites, apps or other digital platforms.

What are the types of adserver technology?

There are 2 types of ad servers. First-party ad servers are commonly used by publishers to manage and optimize their own advertising inventory. Third-party ad server is operated by an advertiser or an ad network. It serves ads across multiple publishers’ websites, providing advertisers with the ability to track and measure the performance of their campaigns across various platforms.

What are the important features of ad server?

Ad server features provide you with everything you need, providing an advantageous advertising experience.

  1. White labelling
  2. Suitable both publishers and advertisers
  3. Bot filtering
  4. Budget management
  5. Conversation tracking

and many more. A separate feature for every need.

Is it easy to integrate Vidban to my website?

Vidban is designed for easy integration into websites, providing a user-friendly process for incorporating its ad serving capabilities onto your platform.

Is Vidban reliable?

Vidban is considered reliable as an ad server solution, providing dependable services for managing and delivering online advertisements.

How affordable Vidban ad server?

The affordability of Vidban depends on the specific plans and pricing options offered by the platform. Pricing structures may vary based on the features and services included in each plan.

Is third-party ad verification supported?

Typically, ad servers like Vidban support third-party ad verification tools, allowing advertisers to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their ad campaigns through external verification services.

What are GDPR and CCPA privacy laws?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) are privacy laws that govern the collection and use of personal data. Ad servers, including Vidban, comply with these laws to protect user privacy and data.

Is it simple to use?

Yes, Vidban is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, providing an interface that allows users to easily manage and optimize their ad campaigns.