Native Ad Server Service

You can offer effective native ads on your web page or application. You can create your own advertising unit with JSON response and increase your income with native ads.

Native Adserver Features

Local ad features for every needs

Remove Advertising Blockers

Local ads allow you to survive advertising blockers effectively. You can miss your ads from the eyes of the blockers by using your own white -tagged sub -domain name or server side.

JSON Response and Customization

Add JSON answers to your HTML template and create your own customized ad units.

Quick Response Times

With fast response times, you can have your ads on instant.

Increased User

Local ads increase the interaction of your visitors in accordance with content. In this way you to improve the user experience.


With key/value targeting, publish your ads specifically for your target audience and get all control.

Increase CTR and Revenue Strategies

If you significantly increase the CTR, the banner will prevent blindness so that the user attracts attention and an increase in income.

Ads Traffic Management and Planning

With Vidban, you can place your native ads, traffic management or planning in a very practical way. Therefore you can easily reach your target.

Special Keys and Values

You can create your special keys and values more easily for your native ads. You can easily add offers or descriptions to your next transactions.

Special Objects

Thanks to Vidban’s powerful CDN, all uploaded ads are mobile compatible. Whether it’s a static banner or a video, your users will have a seamless experience on every device

Special Objects

You can create easier ads by adding your own pictures and content to Vidban. These can be displayed in JSON answers.

Geographical Targeting

You can also position your native ads at the same time. You allow your ads to be seen in the positions you choose.

In what format are native ads returned?

Native ads are usually converted into JSON format.

GIVT Bot Filtering

With GIVT Bot filtering, you can avoid boot tracts from unknown sources. Thus, your advertising expenditures will not be spent on traffic, and you can make a more efficient targeting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
In what format are native ads returned?

Native ads are usually converted into JSON format.

How Can I Make Sure Ads Blend with Content?

To ensure that ads are blended with content, you can use the specific switch and values features of the ad server.

How About ad Targeting?

Geographical targeting, precise targeting, etc. created for ads to reach the right user for advertising targeting. The use of features such as will bring the right result.

Our mission is to empower clients with effective ad strategies, precise audience targeting, and enhanced online visibility through robust adserver technologies. Choose us for cutting-edge solutions, a dedicated team of experts, and a commitment to innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising.

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