Video Ad Server Service

Publish your video ads easily on websites or applications! With the Vast Tag label, both publishers and advertisers can broadcast video ads perfectly.

Video Adserver Features

Local ad features for every needs

Vast version compatibility

Vidban supports all VAST versions and allows you to increase your advertising diversity. So you can customize and use your version compatible ads as you wish.

Vast URLs

With Vast Wrapper URL, you can create your own URL link and measure ad impression and clicks very easily.

MP4 video files and free hosting

Vidban both host your previously installed max video size of 50 MB for free and offer it from the nearest cluster to the user.

Video Code Conversion Ease

 Automatically offers a code conversion feature to play your ads smoothly on all devices.

Automatic detection sensitivity

End of the problem of adjusting technical details one by one. Thanks to our time, bit speed, video codec component and square speed automatically, you can manage your campaigns successfully.

Get rid of advertising blockers

You can use your ad budget more efficiently by using advertising blockers. In addition, thanks to this feature offered for free, you can manage successfully without hanging on advertising.

Why Should You Choose Vidban?

Vidban services include the following.

Creating VAST Tag

Regardless of the ad's format, length or data, you can easily convert it to a VAST tag. It gives instructions to ad players regarding the duration and length of the ad with the VAST tag. This simplifies your video ads by turning them into a type of tag that both computers and humans can read.

Advertising Planning

Vidban does the planning of your video ads for you. The placement and planning of your ads are done in accordance with your target audience and help you reach the right audience. This way, you can present your video ads more easily.

Instant Reporting

Accessing real-time reports also allows you to check the performance of your video ads. This way, you can manage your planning more successfully by easily determining which of your video ads are more effective or which are less successful.

Video Transcoding

You will no longer need to create a separate video ad for each device. You can use the same video ad on both desktop, mobile phones and tablets. You can optimize all your video ads with transcoding running in the background. Thus, you can publish your video ads regardless of device type.


If you target geographical location correctly, you can deliver your video ads to a more suitable audience. Thus, you can manage your ads correctly and successfully.

GIVT Bot Filtering

Misleading traffic data caused by automated bots may also cause your advertising budget to be wasted. You can improve your campaign performance and make it more successful by removing bot traffic from reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers
What format are video ads?

Video ads are minimized with minimal intermediate memory and maximum quality?

Video ads are minimized with minimal intermediate memory and maximum quality?

In order to increase the user experience, all video ads installed on Vidban are converted to each device to make it more easily compatible.

Which VAST versions are supported?

Vidban supports each Vast version. Thus, your ads can be broadcast effectively on every platform.

What is your video advertising targeting?

Video advertising targeting is carried out with a comprehensive strategy based on factors such as geographical locations, device types or user behavior.

Our mission is to empower clients with effective ad strategies, precise audience targeting, and enhanced online visibility through robust adserver technologies. Choose us for cutting-edge solutions, a dedicated team of experts, and a commitment to innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising.

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