Terms and Conditions

By using Vidban and the services offered by it, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions set out below. Therefore, you need to check these first. Violating any of the terms below may result in termination of your account.

Account Terms

Users are responsible for ensuring the security of their account and password. The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from failure to comply with this security obligation.

Individuals are responsible for all content and activities shared and published under your account. The Service may not be used for any unlawful purpose or to violate any laws in your jurisdiction.

In order to complete the initial registration process in light of KYC, it is necessary to provide the legal company name, valid e-mail address and other requested data. It is possible for team members to log in as many times as you want.

API Terms

Users can access service information through the Application Program Interface, that is, API. Any use of the API, including its use through a third-party product accessing the service, is subject to the terms of that agreement and the specific terms below:

Our company is not responsible for any damage or loss arising from using the API or third-party products that access data through the API.

Abuse or excessively frequent requests to the service through the API may result in temporary or permanent suspension of the account’s API access. Our company determines its abuse or excessive use at its sole discretion. Our company takes initiative to warn the account owner by e-mail before it is suspended.

Payment, Refund, Upgrade and Downgrade Terms

The services offered by Vidban are provided with a free trial version for 15 days. If more than 15 days are required, you can continue using it by paying in advance only for the next monthly cycle. Unless a different transaction takes place, your trial account will be inaccessible at the end of the said 15 days. Reactivation can only be done by registering for a paid license.

Additionally, in case of an upgrade to a higher plan, the difference distributed equally between the two plans is charged immediately according to the current billing cycle. Downgrades are valid when the next billing cycle begins. Switching to a lower plan may result in a decrease in account features or capacity. Our company does not accept any liability for such losses.

All prices exclude any taxes, duties or charges imposed by tax authorities. The user is responsible for payment of any such taxes, duties or charges. Additionally, as a general condition, no charges, fees or transactions regarding Vidban will be refunded.

In case the expired license is renewed after the last payment date, the renewal price includes the period starting from the last payment date.

Cancellation and Termination Situations

Individuals are solely responsible for proper account cancellation. You can send a ticket from the contact page using the e-mail address used when registering the account. Thus, you can cancel your account at any time.

Currently, all content will become inaccessible at the end of the billing cycle. Since the server will be recycled, data cannot be recovered after permanent deletion. If you cancel the service offered by Vidban before the end of the month for which payment is made, the cancellation will take effect immediately. This means you will not be charged again. However, no proration will be made for unused time in the last billing cycle.

The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account and refuse any and all current and future use of the service at any time and for any reason in its sole discretion.

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